Grosse Pointe Shores updates property-related ordinances

By: K. Michelle Moran | Grosse Pointe Times | Published November 9, 2022


GROSSE POINTE SHORES — Ordinances relating to fences and pools underwent a few changes recently in Grosse Pointe Shores that could impact residents making changes to their properties.

At a meeting Oct. 18, the Shores City Council voted unanimously in favor of an amendment to its fences and walls ordinance and also unanimously approved an amendment to its swimming pools ordinance.

With more attractive, durable fences being made from synthetic materials now, the council decided to add vinyl to a list of approved fencing materials. That list already consisted of wood, metal, woven wire and masonry.

“It’s fairly minor,” Mayor Ted Kedzierski said of the fencing change. “It’s just allowing vinyl as opposed to the other materials we have now.”

The pool amendment, however, was a bigger change. City Manager Stephen Poloni said it would change the minimum setback for a backyard pool from 30 feet to 15 feet. He said this is consistent with neighboring communities and is even a bit stricter, given that most other communities require a setback of about 5 feet to 10 feet.

“We’ve had many residents come in at different times to apply for (permission to install) a backyard pool,” Poloni said. “This 15-foot (setback) would allow more people to put in a backyard pool.”

He said the ordinance calls for the pool to be at least 15 feet away from the boundary fence. This is not the same as the protective fence that’s required for pools.

“You still need a protective fence around your pool,” said City Councilman John Dakmak, an attorney.

The change to the pools rule could spur sales of homes in the new Deeplands subdivision, which was still under construction at press time, with homes being built to the owners’ specifications upon purchase.

“A local Realtor claimed that (to be) a detriment,” Kedzierski said of the old pool setback of 30 feet. “The (Deeplands subdivision) lots were deemed to be too small for (pools).”

Officials said the ordinance amendments took effect upon the council’s approval.