Business handled at Harrison Township’s late October meeting

By: Dean Vaglia | Mount Clemens-Clinton-Harrison Journal | Published November 9, 2022


HARRISON TOWNSHIP — The Harrison Township Board of Trustees met for its second time in the month Oct.24, where the items of discussion included court budgets, sign appeals and liquor licenses.


Sign appeal request
The board approved a request to have the Zoning Board of Appeals hear 5 Star Outdoor LLC’s appeal for a denied signage permit. 5 Star wants to place a billboard along Interstate 94 between North River Road and M-59. While such appeals would normally be heard by the Building Board of Appeals, in-progress changes to relevant ordinances would have the sign fall under the ZBA’s authority.

A resident spoke against the sign’s placement during a public comment period, with Township Supervisor Ken Verkest responding that the board of trustees was following its role in the appeals process and that the ZBA was the best board to hear the appeal.


Court budget
The board approved the proposed 2023 budget for the 41B District Court, which asked for $3.8 million from its three contributing communities.

“The last three years have been challenging for many units of government, but the team at 41B have been able to adjust their operations in order to avoid any deficits which would require a contribution from the funding units (communities),” Verkest said.

A letter from the court (read aloud by Verkest) stated the court may need a contribution from the communities to make an early-year annual bond payment, though any end-of-year surpluses could be paid back to the communities. Harrison Township, Clinton Township and Mount Clemens provide funding to the court.

Verkest spent some time prior to the vote explaining that this will be “one of the last times” local municipalities will fund the court, believing their funding will be handled at the state level soon.

“It is always good to be proud of our court when everyone else is complaining about it, so it’s an easy motion to make,” Township Clerk Adam Wit said. “It is a very well-run organization.”


Liquor license transfers
The board also approved a motion for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to consider the transfer of the liquor license owned by Bjardz Inc. to Harry’s Liquor Store Inc. for use in the store at 36650 Jefferson Ave.