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Man arrested for tying elderly parents to bed in Flamingo Motel

November 18, 2013

FRASER — A 55-year-old Lenox Township man is facing multiple counts of adult abuse after authorities became aware that he tied his parents up in a motel room.

Eric John Gala, the owner of Flamingo Motel, 32325 Groesbeck Highway, is facing two counts of vulnerable adult abuse in the second degree, with each crime being a four-year felony.

The Fraser Department of Public Safety received a complaint Nov. 6 that Gala had his elderly parents — aged 92 and 78 — tied up to a bed in an unsanitary motel room.

When officers arrived to the scene, they reportedly found Gala’s parents lying in their own feces and urine. The room was full of flies while a coarse smell emanated, so much so that it was unbearable to the officers present. There was also no hot water, no sufficient heat, and the room was dark.

When interviewed by police, Gala said that his parents rarely bathed and that they were tied to the bed so they wouldn’t leave.

Fraser Lt. Dan Kolke said that Gala’s parents moved to Michigan from Florida three years ago to live at the motel. After a fire in January 2013, Gala’s parents shared a house with him until they returned to the hotel in July, when Gala made them move out. An ex-employee found out about the abuse and filed a complaint to police.

Gala was arrested and arraigned in 39th District Court and was released on $20,000 personal bond.

Gala was his parents’ guardian, and the state has since removed his guardianship.

No court date was specified at press time.


About the author

Nick Mordowanec covers Fraser, Clinton Township, Fraser School District, Clintondale Community Schools and Baker College for the Fraser-Clinton Chronicle. Nick has worked for C & G Newspapers since 2013 and graduated from Michigan State University. He has slight obsessions with sports, Seinfeld and Led Zeppelin.

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