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Harrison Township

Local groomer goes above and beyond just nail trimming and combing

June 14, 2013

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Sue Hentschel and Bob Seguin, co-owners of Posh Paws pet grooming in Harrison Township, are celebrating five years in the area. They are pictured here with Robert and Gina Garvin’s freshly-groomed 2-year-old poodle Neela, and Hentschel’s 4-year-old show Yorkie, Noah.
April Snay trims Neela, a 2-year-old standard poodle owned by Harrison Township residents Robert and Gina Garvin.

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — Harrison Township resident Suzie Hentschel isn’t afraid to let dog owners know the best ways to properly groom their pet.

After all, these furry friends aren’t simply pets; they’re members of the family.

So, at Posh Paws, which Hentschel co-owns with fellow animal-lover Bruce Seguin, pet owners can rest assured that their dog or cat will be taken care of by the gentle hands of caring professionals.

They can also rest assured that some helpful hints and teaching tools will be offered because “the safety, health and comfort” of each and every dog and cat that comes into Posh Paws is priority one.

“We all love animals,” said Hentschel, referring to herself, Seguin and her employees April Snay, a longtime groomer, trainer, handler and animal rescuer from Clinton Township, and Lauren Galasso, a student groomer from Clinton Township. “We all love dogs, rescue dogs, groom dogs and show dogs. My clients know their dogs are like family to us. So, yeah, I’ll offer advice on how to best groom the dog, and that way, people can stretch out their dollar.”

Posh Paws — this month celebrating five years of business on Crocker near Metropolitan Parkway in Harrison Township — is basically a one-stop pet-grooming shop.

“I love it here,” Hentschel said. “Even after five years, I just love Harrison Township.”

She said it’s the many amenities offered at her salon that keep clients returning. Some of those amenities include a video monitoring system that allows pet owners to watch their feline and canine friends being groomed, and a store in the waiting area filled with grooming materials like Michigan-made organic shampoos and Michigan-made collars, leashes, and beds. Posh Paws even offers pet daycare services.

“Almost 100 percent of what we sell here is made in Michigan,” Hentschel said.

Hentschel has been committed to both Michigan and animals since childhood, growing up in Clinton Township.

“When I was 4 years old, our neighbor had moved away and left behind his cat,” she recalls. “I had to save it, so I went over there and used a brick to break a window and I got the cat out. It scratched me on the temple pretty good; I had to get stitches. I was in so much trouble, but I saved the cat.”

Hentschel eventually began her grooming career 23 years ago, inside a strip mall in Clinton Township. She then started a mobile dog grooming service. That’s how Warren resident Dorothy Wrobel found her in 2002.

“And I’ve been following her ever since,” Wrobel said. “I wouldn’t go to anybody else but Sue. She just really pays attention to your pet.”

Wrobel even would have followed Hentschel to Partridge Creek, which is where the dog groomer had originally planned to re-locate five years ago. That was until she learned that a pet store was moving into the spot next door. Hentschel said she didn’t feel comfortable being located near a store that sold puppies potentially from puppy mills.

Shortly thereafter, she learned that the vacant building near Graham Elementary School was available. 

The two-story brick structure had previously been used to house administrative offices for L’Anse Creuse Public Schools. It was later a dentist’s office, a credit union and a photo studio. Shortly after moving in, Hentschel recruited a business partner in Seguin, who she met after spotting him on his routine run along Crocker. The two found they had a lot in common, including dogs and a mutual desire to become and stay physically fit. Seguin, an avid marathoner, helped Hentschel lose 165 pounds and 10 pants sizes.

Hentschel has been showing Yorkshire terriers for 14 years. She and Seguin currently own six dogs — she lives with two show-yorkies and one retired show-biewer (pronounced bee-vair) terrier, and Seguin lives with two yorkies, one of which still competes in show, and one biewer terrier.

Her combined knowledge of both dog shows and grooming is why her monthly grooming classes at Posh Paws sell out quickly. Hentschel said the $100 fee to get into the eight-hour course — broken down into four two-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings — is paid back quickly.

“People are learning how to properly groom their pets at home,” she said, adding that the pets are invited to one class for hands-on practice. “I know that could take away from business, but people will still need to bring their pet in for some services.

“I know I get carried away telling people how to better groom their dogs,” she said, “but I love dogs, and it’s the dogs that benefit from it.”

Posh Paws is located at 25585 Crocker. To make a grooming appointment or to sign up for an upcoming monthly class, call (586) 493-5976.

About the author

Staff Writer Julie Snyder covers Harrison Township, Mount Clemens, Macomb County, L’Anse Creuse Public Schools, and Mount Clemens Community Schools for the Journal. She has worked for C & G Newspapers since 2003, and attended the University of Toledo with degrees in journalism and photography. Julie has received several awards for her work in Arizona and Washington, including AP awards in Arizona for breaking news reporting and feature writing.

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