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Grosse Pointe Woods, Harper Woods

Grosse Pointe Woods warns of plastic bottle bombs

April 5, 2013

GROSSE POINTE WOODS — Grosse Pointe Woods Public Safety is cautioning residents about plastic bottle bombs they discovered late last week in the city.

After detonated plastic bottle bombs were discovered, police released an alert through Nixle. com early April 5.

“Our department is investigating two plastic bottle bombs that were detonated overnight,” the department stated on “Use caution if this type of device is discovered. Do not touch, and contact the Public Safety Department.”

According to police reports, there were a few reported incidents on April 4 and 5.

Police were called to the area of Van K Drive and Blairmoor Court on a call of possible shots fired at about midnight April 5.

Police discovered a couple of detonated plastic bottle bombs near the intersection of Van K Drive and Blairmoor Court, and a third on the easement down the street on Van K Drive.

Another of the reports came in on April 4, when police were called for possible shots fired but didn’t find anything amiss when they investigated the incident. However, the resident of a home in the 1700 block of Allard discovered the detonated 2 liter in his backyard the following day and called police.

The resident told police that he “heard what sounded like two very loud gun shots in his backyard,” the report stated. “He stated the loud ‘booms’ shook his home.”

In the resident’s backyard, police found two “2-liter bottles lined with tin foil that had exploded,” the report stated. “In the bottom of what was left of one of the bottles was an unknown liquid substance. On the other side of the fence of the west side of his home was a half empty bottle of ‘The Works’ toilet bowl cleaner that was uncapped, with the cap next to the bottle.”

Another report described a water bottle bomb discovered in the 1010 block of Sunningdale Drive shortly before midnight April 5, where police discovered an exploded 5-gallon water container.

There were no reports of injuries in any of the police reports.

Adjacent Harper Woods, which did not have any similar incidents, also released a alert about the issue in other areas.

These bombs “are rigged to cause a chemical reaction and subsequent explosion capable of causing physical harm,” Harper Woods police stated.

Harper Woods reported that they received information that there were reports of overnight incidents from at least two cities, but not in Harper Woods. They were left near roadways, according to the report.

“Residents should use extreme caution and contact the Police Department immediately if any 2-liter bottles are found in any public setting,” Harper Woods stated. “Do not approach or move (the bottles) in any way.”

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